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Embracing Our Creativity

Bows 2 Fros is not about limiting ourselves to one craft. We create as much as our hearts desires; from button earrings, lipstick, soap and even body butters & scrubs. It's about showcasing your creativity and taking the simplest of things and turning it into something beautiful. It's about being unique and creating something of your own without worrying about how others perceive you. Expressing your creativity could be as simple as making a statement by wearing a bold shade of lipstick, rocking different headbands, picking out the best jewelry that compliments your outfit, or strutting a tutu. At Bows 2 Fros, we embrace our creativity and we let it run wild

  • Cleanse

    Avoid washing your body & hands with hot water to prevent your skin from drying out. It's best to wash with lukewarm water

  • Lather

    Lather your wash cloth, loofah or sponge with one of our bars of soap & wash as normal. Using our cupcake soaps? Cut the bar in half

  • Exfoliate

    Gently massage the body scrub into your skin in a light, circular motion

  • Moisturize

    Massage a generous amount of body butter on your body while your skin is still damp. Pay attention to rough areas (hands, elbows & feet)

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