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Polka Dot Button Earrings

Polka Dot Button Earrings

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These chic and stylish fabric button earrings add a touch of modern elegance to any look. Crafted from carefully selected fabrics and available in three sizes, these solid colored earrings match any outfit! Make a statement with a timeless piece today.

Our size 30 earrings are around the size of a dime and the size 36 is around the size of a nickel. Which color & size will you choose?

Earring size will determine the pattern on the button. Depending on the placement of the tool used to measure the cutout, each earring will be different and hold a different pattern/style. Please note that all earrings are made to order.

I do not recommend leaving these out in the heat.

-Pink & Green polka dot
-Black & White polka dot
-Purple & White polka dot
-Brown & Green polka dot

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